Mission, Vision and Values

Children are encouraged to make positive behaviour choices within a safe learning environment and to engage others with respect, compassion, honesty and integrity. Mutual respect and tolerance of other’s beliefs and religions are proactively encouraged through our school curriculum.

Staff, children, parents and Governors have created Mission and Values statements (below) to ensure that they reflect what we want to achieve for our school and the families who work with us.

Our Mission is:

"To develop curious minds for a lifelong learning adventure"

Our Vision is:

Sailing the 7 C's .........

To CARE about each individual and the environment.

To encourage CONFIDENT and independent learners.

To COMMUNICATE effectively with all members of the school community.

To be CONSISTENT in our approach to teaching and learning.

To embrace a CREATIVE curriculum that engages and enthuses learners.

To CELEBRATE the achievements of all learners.

To develop ambassadors for our COMMUNITY and beyond.

Our Values are: