Class 2


Welcome back!


This week the children have come back to school with a great attitude to learning and have settled quickly. It is a credit to them.

The children have been given a library book and a school reading book.  Please make sure they have them at school every day.  The children are welcome to change them as often as needed.  The children will be heard read regularly at school and they would also benefit from reading most nights at home.  Please remember to write in the home school book when you hear them read.  Thank you.

Their homework will be in the home school book as well.  This will be given out on a Friday and should be back at school on Wednesday.

Spellings are also given out on Friday and will be tested at the end of the following week.  The children should learn to spell these but they can also write their meanings down in their spelling book if they wish.

Tables are a high priority in year 2 and 3.  These will be practised every week to increase their accuracy and speed.  In year 2 we will be concentrating on 2, 5 and 10 times tables and in year 3 the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 tables. The children will learn them out of order at speed and also the corresponding division facts e.g. 5x4=20        20÷5=4

PE will be on Monday.  Please ensure earrings are removed or that your child can remove them on their own.


This term we are learning about the Romans. 

The children will be learning about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain at the time and the legacy it left us.  Other than History, over the term, the children will also practise skills in Art, making Roman busts and mosaics, in D&T, building a chariot and Geography, understanding the location and extent of the empire.

Please feel free to come and see me to ask any questions.

Mrs H Norman


Spring Term Curriculum Overview is here