Home-School Partnership

Children are most successul in school when there is a clear sense of partnership between parents and teachers. It is therefore in all our interests to sustain positive relationships. At home it would help to do the following:

Make sure your child is properly equipped for school each day
Set aside a special time regularly to read with your child and to write in his or her Reading Diary
Support your child with their weekly homework tasks
Give praise where it is due
Always read the Newsletters
Let us know if there is a problem, so that we do not misjudge your child
Offer your support and/or assistance at school events
If you can, offer your help during school time.
There are many areas of life in school where we welcome the support and help of parents. This may take the form of regular help or on a one-off basis. Should you wish to offer your assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact one of your child's teachers. It is our belief that education is a partnership, so please do join us in our school life as much as you feel you can.

Click here for a copy of our Home-School Agreement.