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Aldeburgh Primary School


Curriculum Intent


Aldeburgh Primary School inspires learners to develop a life-long love of learning through opportunities to be independent, creative and aspirational. Our curriculum has been designed to nurture tolerance, respect differences and develop healthy relationships. We do this by providing a child-led curriculum which engages their interests and helps staff to provide opportunities that motivates their thirst for knowledge and encourages them to be active in their learning. Enrichment is at the heart of their learning experiences and is led by fun and engaging topics. Our curriculum has been carefully scaffolded to generate perseverance and resilience in order to create learners who understand there is no limit to their potential.


The aims of our intent show a commitment from the school and Governing Body:


  • To promote the highest level of achievement for all individual pupils, across all subjects, in a fully inclusive manner regardless of age, gender, background or ability.
  • To provide a rich curriculum and meaningful learning experiences which give pupils a growing knowledge and awareness of the world in which they live, skills to succeed and a passion for learning encouraging them to become independent, creative and aspirational. 
  • To teach, support and embed a ‘growth mindset’ for all children - a ‘can-do’ attitude which recognises that motivation, hard work and resilience will lead to success, and that challenge should be welcomed and mistakes valued for the contribution that they make towards learning.
  • To ensure that all children develop a thirst for knowledge through carefully scaffolded lessons which ensure that they understand there is no limit to their potential.
  • To ensure that all learning is secured according to the principles of ‘mastery’ – i.e. a deep and solid understanding of concepts and skills, and the ability to use and apply these, are securely in place before the next steps of learning.
  • To teach and promote social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness so that children are well equipped to become active, respectful and responsible citizens.
  • To provide children with knowledge and understanding of British Values and their social heritage, and to celebrate the diversity of communities within the UK.
  • To teach, promote and support healthy lifestyles and sustainable physical and emotional well-being.
  • To provide a range of child-led experiences which broaden their horizons by regularly taking learning beyond the classroom through utilising the outdoor environment, local area and opportunities further afield.
  • To actively seek ways of helping and involving parents in the care, development and education of their child.

Long Term Planning Cycle A 2023-24