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Aldeburgh Primary School

Mrs Tilbrook - High Level Teaching Assistant

I began working in Aldeburgh Primary School as a classroom assistant in 1999. It’s amazing to think I did not know those reception children would bring their offspring to start school and I would still be here.

 Situated in Early Years and Year One I would learn about the children as they entered school life, be there to guide them through their first experience of school learning, supporting in

continuous provision and adult directed learning.

I started working on a level 3 certificate in

Early Years, Care and Education after my fourth child. Moving on to Open University Specialised Teaching Assistant Certificate (STA) and then completing the Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) which enables me to cover staff absence, PPA or classroom management.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child(ren) to our school.


My Favourite.....


Book - Gone with the wind 

Film - Black and white films 

Hobby - 'Chilling out' 

Colour - Blue

Food - Chocolate cake

Sport - Keeping fit