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History is the study of places, people and events over time. Reflecting on their impact and consequences.


Our view of History at Aldeburgh is that through investigation and enquiry, children develop an understanding of how History has had an impact on our lives today both locally, nationally and internationally. Whilst it is important for children to have facts, we wish to encourage independent and critical thinking which will foster an understanding of ‘why’ as well as ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’. Regular time for discussion is planned for across all classes which fosters an attitude of enquiry, and encourages children to ask, as well as answer, questions about history.


Each unit being planned includes opportunities for children to investigate, handle artefacts, pictorial evidence, watch historical footage, take part in role play activities, visit relevant sites and museums and where appropriate, experience oral history, engaging with historical characters and ways of life. History should be an interactive subject which strives to ignite a child’s natural curiosity.





The long-term plans, which we use at Aldeburgh Primary School in Key Stages One and Two, show a sequence in the way in which history is taught from Class 1 to Class 4. The use of a two-year rolling programme of planning, means that the history coverage can be ensured. Medium-term planning illustrates the objectives which will be covered during a history topic, and also serves to demonstrate the core knowledge, skills and understanding being taught. Such knowledge and skills show appropriate progression with age.


During the course of a history unit, new vocabulary is taught, as well as building upon prior word comprehension. This is to help deepen children’s grasp of different historical concepts, such as ‘civilisation’, for instance. Teachers regularly incorporate time for discussion, which fosters an attitude of enquiry and encourages both the asking and answering of questions about history.

We use a bank of relevant and varied resources, including books, pictorial evidence and other artefacts, to enhance the history curriculum. As well as the use of pictures and artefacts, history knowledge is gained via story-telling and the use of role-play.


Regular visits and visitors are beneficial to enrich our history topics, and include visits to sites of historical interest, such as Sutton Hoo.