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Aldeburgh Primary School

Mrs Quinn - LAB Member

Retirement offers opportunities to contribute more to my local community, draw on established skills and learn new ones.

During the last few years of my nursing career I have worked and volunteered locally within health care.

Even more locally I have established neighbourhood coffee get togethers, an annual party and a gardening for wildlife group. Drawing on my nursing knowledge I’ve tried to ensure that older members of our community can be involved and actively participate in local events. These skills are transferable I believe to an education community which promotes inclusivity, diversity and maximises the potential of children, their parents and carers.

As friends have become grandparents I’ve recognised how much I enjoy children. What an incredibly important role parents have and how significant skilled and committed teachers are to the life long experiences that influence children during their formative lives.

I reflect back on my own education and realise that teachers and their teaching have influenced me on how I made and make my way through life.