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Anchors Away | An Introduction to Phonics for Parents

Find out the basics behind phonics so you're ready to help your child learn to read!

All Aboard Phonics

Phonics lessons will be taught following the All Aboard programme. 

Please see the link below for useful information, videos, free electronic books and other resources available to support your child with their reading at home.


Reading books will be sent home via the All Aboard App, the children will start by having a book for you to read and share with them. When they are ready they will also have a book matched to their reading stage. 

About All Aboard Phonics

Please see our reading page for more information on the All Aboard Phonics Scheme.

Helpful resources for practising at home:

Top 5 Tips to see your Child Fly with Phonics

Follow our top 5 tips and your home reading practice will become less stressful and more effective for your child!

Parents: How do I set my child up on the All Aboard app?

Blast the Blending

Is your child struggling to blend the sounds together in a word? Then use our simple exercises to get blending feeling easier for your child.

Segment-Reblend Technique

Watch how to use our Segment-Reblend Technique to help those learners who are struggling with blending!

A Guide to Reading a Decodable Book with your Child

Follow our step by step process to get reading at home with your child right every time!

Meltdown Mayhem | Why children have meltdowns over home reading practice and how to avoid it!

Is reading time becoming a battle with your child? We have some easy to follow tips to make home reading practice smooth sailing with your child!

Eye Tracking Exercise

Is your child getting tired whilst reading and rubbing their eyes? Perhaps they are skipping words or whole lines of text. Our simple eye tracking exercises will get reading feeling easier for your child in just 10 days!

All Children


How to Say the Phase 2 Phonemes

How to Say the Phase 3 Phoneme With Actions

Year 1

Phase 5 Phoneme Voicing and Actions

Phonics Screening Check (Year 1)